Model #880

Carpet Installation Kit
Complete kit of the most frequently used tools for carpet installation. Costs less than purchasing tools individually.
#780 Ripping Hammer 20 oz.
#810 Leather Tool Pouch
#818 Molding Lifter
#822 Carpet Clamp
#823 Chalk Line
#825 Deluxe Knee Kicker
#826 Strip Culler
#827-1 8 oz. White Chalk
#830 Trimperial Carpet Trimmer
#843 Razor Knife
#848 Duckbill shear
#849 Cushion Back Trimmer
#854 Stair Tool
#855-1 Laminated Stone w/Handle
#899-16 16' Steel Tape 3/4' Blade
#920 20" Tool Box

Model #825

Deluxe Knee Kicker
Move more carpet with every kick with the new, improved Deluxe Knee Kicker. The widest head and cushioned bumper on the market allows installers to move 1/3 more carpet with every kick.

The kicker head can also be used with a stretcher head to create a re-stretcher or stretcher tool for small areas. Strong saw teeth blades immediately grab any carpet and will not clog up with yarn fibers. Adjustable needle teeth allow for varying pile lengths and densities.

New product improvements have increased the Deluxe Kicker's quality and durability. Outer tube wall thickness has been increased and the bumper plate has been reinforced. Result? No more elongation of the extension holes and no more stress cracking in the bumper plate. A new hard coat epoxy finish substantially improves the finish wear life.

Model #849

Wall Trimmer
Used to trim cushion-back carpet neatly at the wall. Ideal left or right handed tool, cuts close to corners in either direction. Trims carpet at an angle toward the wall assuring best fit of nap to wall. Features two settings for height. Uses #842 slotted razor blades.

Model #716

Carpet Trimmer
The easiest to operate and most efficient carpet trimmer ever. The Conventional features the exclusive Dial-A-Height adjustment knob. No need to remove the blade holder. No spacer plates to fuss with. Just turn the Dial-A-Height Knob to one of six settings and you're ready to trim.

The Conventional also includes a newly designed blade holder/wall guide that simplifies blade changing, a selection of five handle settings, and adjustable blade exposure for different carpet types. Durable construction includes a tough ABS plastic handle.

Comes with pack of five #865 Universal trimmer blades.


Power Stretchers
Standard Stretcher with Box
Taylor stretchers feature a large 12" head, heavy duty steel teeth and adjustable height. The four inner-outer steel tubing sections are made of thicker gauge steel and have a larger diameter than competitive tubes for 20% more strength and rigidity.

Both the #748 Standard and the #752 Deluxe Power Stretchers include the 20" Rol-A-Block tail block assembly, one 14" connecting tube, an adjustment neck tube and a heavy duty steel carrying box.